Sunday, 25 March 2012

Best of British

It's about that time, when it's the weekend and the tiny glimpse of the sun drives everyone outdoors for barbecues, picnics and any kind of outside activity. Yesterday was one such day, and a house party at my hubbies' work colleagues new gaff drove me to my new found hobby- baking! Yes, this is my love- how did that happen? 

Anyone fancy some cupcakes à la strawberries and cream? Is there anything that epitomises summer than that splash of red and white? I set about collecting some cupcake memorabilia that conjured up the 'Best of British'- holders, sprinkles and the best dang strawberries I could lay my hands on and 2 hours later, cupcakes in hand (minus the couple that we had to 'crash taste')…we head out.


  1. speaking as someone who had some of these.......they were AMAZING!!!! send more this way please!

  2. Hi Claire! Oh you are so lovely! Yes, flattery will get you EVERYWHERE with me! I'll work on a fresh batch and send asap through the hubby! xx