Monday, 19 March 2012

Tea-pot Hot-spot!

Love my Grub is not only about getting all you gorgeous people to actually love MY grub, but also getting people chin wagging about lovely grub in general and one Grubber's paradise I'd like to introduce you to is, The Tea-Pot.

I've lived in South-East London all my life, and recently I've noticed a great influx of fantastic bistros and deli's open up. The Tea-Pot is one of these such places. But don't let the name fool ya- it's not just Tea that's on the menu- oh no. We're talking breakfast, lunch and generally delicious eating specials! The food is freshly made and locally sourced. Every time I have been inside, the food always looks so appetising- and whether it is the scrumptious pasta salad or more-ish Belgium Chocolate Shortbread, you'll certainly want to come back as soon as possible. Come June, it will have been trading for 2 years. Headed by Peter Yiannourkou, this Coffee Shop and Deli is a perfect marriage of care and craft. 

Peter prides himself on hand-selecting everything that goes into the shop- the staff included. As soon as I entered the shop, I was greeted with a warm smile and a sense of a proud team. I think there were at least 5 yummy mummy visits while I was there, and every pram visit was welcomed by one of the staff offering them help with their buggy or colouring pens for their toddlers. Couldn't ask for more could you? Not a yummy mummy, or even a mummy? Not to worry, Peter and his team seemed to know every customer in the shop- regular orders, a wave here, a smile there- you really will feel welcome.

Peter is a great leader, and if you visit the shop, you will see a well controlled and finely groomed establishment. The kitchen is open plan, and have a great view of the staff in action if you sit in the raised seating area. The walls look freshly painted and table tops are wiped immaculately clean, but grab a cup of tea and sit down and you'll feel like you're having a brew in a cosy little house. It feels clean but not clinical and functional but not formal, and it's a great balance. Framed artwork adorn the walls and collections of tea-pots and spoons make every inch of the shop look authentic and show the level of care that goes into the shop. 

A lovely bit of grub I can assure you.

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