Monday, 5 March 2012

Prawn Crackers

Having satisfied my sweet tooth, I thought it wise to head back to the savoury dishes while my sugar levels have a chance to reduce.

Despite dreaming about trout last night, a rather disappointing trip to my local Sainsbury's (in which I found out they had discontinued the line), meant that I had to rethink my plans. After wandering the aisles for…well…far too long, I decided to go for prawns. I pictured my ingredients and after convincing my taste-buds that there was a new dream dish, I paid and head home.

A few days ago I made some Thai cupcakes, but frankly after smelling that hit of lime, I knew I'd have to make another Thai dish very soon. I bought a fresh batch of limes, coriander and ginger, and this time also bought some coconut milk, lemon grass, fish sauce and aubergine- all key and frequent Thai ingredients. To be honest, the next 40mins was free-fall, as this is not a dish that I have made or prepared myself to make, but I guess that's the fun of cooking- Que sera sera! 

I put my rice on the boil and set to work on my greens. Having also run out of Pak Choi-(I know…what's that about?!), I bought some Ung Choi, and simply washed and tossed with onions and garlic. I then began my coconut and aubergine sauce. After frying some onions with lemongrass, I added my aubergine slices, coconut milk, squeeze of lime and a few drops of fish sauce. Let this come to the boil and you're done. Now for the prawns, I bought some fresh raw prawns, but peeled and cooked prawns will be fine- just make sure they are cleaned and washed. I then coat them in ginger powder, soya sauce, fish sauce and dust with self raising flour. You then just heat a pan with oil and pan fry. The prawns need relatively no time to cook, and you will know when they are done as they turn from a translucent grey to an opaque coral pink. Take them off the heat and squeeze the juice of a lime and sprinkle with magic sesame seeds. Yes, they are magic, as the flavour they set upon the prawns is nothing short of transcendent.

Serve quick, and enjoy slowly.

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