Thursday, 8 March 2012

Charlie Brownies

What a glorious day! The sun has decided to pop out for a while and even though it's not raining cats and dogs, I still feel like a treat (who needs an excuse?). I've had some mad cravings for brownies recently, and decided that today is the day to make them.

I've always steered away from baking. Not to say I don't eat baked goods, 'cos boy do I, but the task itself has always left me feeling a bit daunted. The problem is, I follow a recipe and it never seems to turn out like the picture. I hate that. I've never actually made brownies, but having eaten my share (and everyone else's share) of brownies over the years, I come to know what they should taste and feel like. My favourite kind of brownie is when it has that crusty, chewy first bite and soft marshmallowy inside. A hard brownie is a big no no for me. As with anything, it's got to evoke different sensations. 

Ok, so measuring- sigh, how I hate this part…but pretty essential to getting the right consistency:

250g of caster sugar
185g soft butter
185g plain chocolate
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 large eggs
110g plain flour

Firstly, you need to melt the chocolate and butter, then allow to cool. In the meantime, whip up the eggs, sugar and vanilla extract. Once you are happy that the chocolate mix is cool, add to the egg mix. You now have a basic chocolate brownie mix, and you can add nuts, orange zest, crumbled biscuits- whatever you like! I have opted for toffee. Like, I said I've never tried it, but chocolate and toffee seem like a pretty good match. I then cut into very small pieces and add to the mixture. The toffee is heavy in weight so will sink down to the bottom, but as you bake will melt slightly and create a gooey area in the brownie.

Now, you just bake for 20 mins. You'll know when the brownies are done as they will still have a bit of movement when you shake the tin. You then allow them to cool for another 20mins and in the meantime, get some ice-cream out. 

Phones off, feet up. Hot brownie, cold ice-cream. Yes, yes and yes.


  1. I'm hungry and craving brownies!!!!!! Save me some!!!! They look delish!!!!