Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ditch the dirt, and dish the dessert!

Well, it's certainly been a busy few weeks for Love My Grub. My knives and mixing bowls have barely had a chance to dry off as I have been working on the next Lovely venture!

A little while ago, I was approached by a Restauranteur who wanted to collaborate to mark their 20th year in the business. Ingeniously, he came up with the idea of revamping their Indian dessert menu. This was something I was dying to do, as I have all too often felt like having a dessert after a curry, but been put off by the high sugar, low taste element. Research slips were sent out, and feedback came back with much of the same story. The more and more I spoke to people, the more and more I was convinced that instead of the standard westernising of Indian desserts, I would take typical English desserts, and add a bit of an Asian twist. 

Now, even for me a self confessed Asian food lover, Indian desserts do have a bit of a reputation of being comatosely sweet and I wanted to rebrand their name as being 'Sugar and spice and all things nice', i.e working in some healthier options! Moreover, it's almost summer (yes, almost being the key word), so I really, really wanted to introduce some refreshing, and light options. Fruits, yoghurt and all those things that a full tummy craves after a hot curry. I've worked in one of the tastiest yet most underused fruits- Lychees which will be served with peppermint sorbet, and an aptly named Eastern Mess- which takes inspiration from the very British Eaton Mess, but uses another great Asian jewel- Jackfruit in place of the standard berry option.

The photographs above are another two desserts on offer from tonight: 

1. Chocolate, Date and Cashew Sundae- chewy spiced fridge cake, with soft vanilla Kulfi
2. Coconut Ladoo served  with fresh Mint Tea

Don't miss out guys, and please head for Putney Tandoori! Get some grub, and share the love!

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