Friday, 17 February 2012


Hello one and all,

My name is Melissa and I have created this blog because I love food- talking about food, cooking food, presenting food and most importantly eating food- and want to share my passion with fellow food followers.

This is, in short, the one-stop blog-spot for those who appreciate good food. 

So, a little about me? Why not.

My mum is from the West-Indies, dad is Sri-Lankan, I was born in London and my husband is Bangladeshi- suffice to say, my cooking has been a bit of a 'melting-pot'. 

When I was younger our little kitchen was the hub of our home; there was always a lasagne baking in the oven, or cake being whisked up in the mixer. My dad and I would cook curries together, or I would help my mum prepare rotis, and it must have been at a very young age that I fell in love with the glorious sights and intoxicating smells of the kitchen as it fills such a significant part of who I am today.

I made my first dinner course when I was 11 when my mum visited her family back in Trinidad. I was determined to look after my dad and brother being the only female in the house. My chicken was bitter and dhal was salty but by the time she came back two weeks later, I had got the dishes sussed and I was hooked. 

So that was then, what about now?

After studying and working in the Design world for almost 7years, I have decided to give myself a new challenge and follow a long term dream of mine to enter into the food industry. Brave, yes. Foolish, perhaps, but the present and future, are I hope exciting times.

However, before the Food World chews me up and spits me out, I hope this blog will serve to document my journey, and all you lovely people will help me create the best eating experience you can get!

Ready? Steady? Cook.

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