Saturday, 25 February 2012

Brunch time

You know what the weekends are like. Lie-ins quickly mean you miss breakfast and your stomach can't wait till lunch. Let me introduce you to the best brunch time solution that is perfect for this time of day.

One meal compilation that fast became popular in my house when I was growing up was the 'TFC Delight' (no, this was not some horrific KFC spin-off!). TFC is a great local Turkish shop where my dad bought delicious authentic Turkish goodies (one of which was their freshly baked bread, the main part of this dish). The other components consisted of fresh chilli or garlic stuffed green olives, a couple of slices of applewood cheese, a good spoonful of hummus, some golden scrambled eggs, a couple of pickled green chillies and a drizzle of olive oil. Let me tell you, this is the only way to start the day.
Finding a good loaf of bread is key as this is really the centre piece of the meal. I would remember opening the front door and my dad handing me the bag of hot bread as if it were a newly born baby. If you can't lay your hand on some turkish bread, use any baked loaf alternative. As long as you do not go for a pre-cut sandwich loaf, you'll be fine. The crunch of the fresh sesame seeded bread marries perfectly with the softness of the hummus and salty nature of the olives contrast perfectly with the light scrambled eggs. I must add, the eggs really need to be eaten as soon as they are cooked, and as they take all of two seconds to cook, only start cooking them once the cut of the first slice of bread has been made. This will also ensure that the eggs are still soft and haven't had the chance to rubberise. There is nothing worse than eating scrambled eggs that are like pellets.  

What's perfect about this dish is that it does sustain you for some time, but is light enough for the first meal of the day. Honestly, for a dish that barely involves any any cooking this has all the flavour of fine dining!

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  1. Hummus and good crunchy bread... Two of my favourites things. Best hummus I've tried is still from Odysea - open to trying others though, if anyone has any recommendations.