Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cala-marry me!

I love calamari. Whenever I go to a restaurant, this is the first thing I look out for on the menu. It such a simple dish, but has an amazing texture and flavour, and for me this always means match made in taste-bud heaven.

Baby squid can be a real pain to clean, but I seem to find that the preparation time is indirectly proportionate to eating time. i.e slow making means fast eating! Perfect really, as calamari should be served as soon as you've fried it. 

I'm a great fan of thai food- lime, chillies and ginger, so I've made my coating for the calamari out of this. I also really love nuts, so I've crushed a handful of these and bunged it into the mix. If you have any nut allergies, try using toasted sesame seeds, (although use these to sprinkle on top of the fried calamari as opposed to in the mix as they will remain more crunchy).

Once these squid rounds have been soaked in the batter, heat your oil and deep fry. They should really only take a couple of minutes to cook, and you'll literally see the calamari come to life as the batter turns a golden brown and the squid swells in the pan. Once they are drained of oil, sprinkle on another round of fresh green chillies and crushed nuts and give it a good squeeze of lime. If you're anything like me, these won't even make their way to the kitchen table!

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