Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Honey, I ate the Chicken

So, my parents have gone on holiday. Now, I'm not saying I'm angry… because I love them, and they work really hard and definitely deserve a break… but did they have to go to Malaysia? Home of all things delicious and fantastical? No. So, suffice to say, I'm a little jealous.

OK, so after speaking to them yesterday, I decided to bring a little bit of Malaysia to Catford, and made some Sticky Chicken with Egg Fried Rice and a generous portion of prawn crackers- I realise that there are only a few in shot, but some unfortunately did not make the plate up, as they were eaten in transit.

Serves 2

For the Chicken


1. 1 tbsp sesame oil
2. 1 small red onion- roughly chopped
3. 1 carrot - roughly chopped
4. 3 tbsp sweet and sour sauce
5. 4 pieces of chicken -I have used legs (which have been parboiled and roasted in the oven for 20mins)
6. 2 tbsp honey
7. A handful of sesame seeds


1. Heat the sesame oil in a wok and fry the onions and carrots
2. Add the sweet and sour sauce and stir until sticky
3. Add the cooked roasted chicken
4. Add the honey
5. Remove from the hob and add the sesame seeds

For the Rice


1. 1 cup of rice (cooked and cooled)
2. 1 large egg
3. 1 tbsp sesame oil
4. 1 tbsp fish sauce
5. 1 stem of spring onion


1. Heat the sesame oil in a wok and fry the spring onions
2. Add the cold rice
3. Level out the rice and crack and egg on top and slowly stir the rice until the rice turns from a white to light yellow shade.
4. Add the fish sauce
5. Finally garnish with a bit of spring onions

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  1. So I thought I'd give this a go....turned out to be more of a sweet and sour chicken curry for me but tasted good nonetheless. Will be back to try some more of your mouth watering recipes :)