Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I'm feeling particularly warm and fuzzy today- and no that's not the humidity frizzing up my hair. I have just been reading some comments back on the blog and Facebook, and made me think how lucky I am to have had such great people who have taken the time to be so generous with their compliments. So with that in mind, I must take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind words and support with my food journey. I am especially chuffed to have receive such great feedback about these Snickers cupcakes- to be honest, wasn't too happy with the photos or frosting, so they barely made it online! Big love to good people like Lauren, one of my nearest and dearest who actually made them and sent in a piccie- it made my day and I'm on top of the world! Virtual hugs and sloppy kisses to you, my Northern chum xx

"They looked so amazing that i had to have a try! Just finished the decoration (bit low on the neatness factor.. Had to improvise a bit - piping bag broke!) and now can't wait until we've eaten dinner to have a try!

Thank you for devising such yuminess! xxx "

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