Friday, 7 September 2012

Get some nuts!

TGI Friday everyone! Well, it's been a long week, and frankly, even if it hadn't been a long week, everyone deserves a treat, and I know just the little bit of happy I'm going to make myself.

Introducing my Snickers cupcakes- a bit of chocolate, a bit of peanut butter and a lot of calories, but worth every tyre around the tum.

Here's what you need to get some nuts:

Makes 6 cakes


(1/2 that of your standard sponge mix)
1. 2 oz margarine (at room temperature)
2. 2 oz caster sugar
3. 2 oz self raising flour
4. 1 egg
5. If you are feeling particularly cheeky, and don't have any diabetic tendencies, you could also diced up a snickers bar and chuck into the batter- for me, I feared this might take me over the edge, so I abandoned this plan for today, but would be perfect for a special occasion…or sweet tooth lovers.

1. Chocolate frosting
2. Peanut butter 
3. Handful of granola- the only way I could eat this and not feel like a total lard face
4. Sprinkle of desiccated coconut


1. Use a mixer to beat the margarine and caster sugar until you barely feel the sugar granules.
2. Add the egg
3. Sift the self raising flour  and fold in so that the mixture remains fluffy. 
4. Now bake for 25mins at 200 degrees.
5. Once these are cooled, give each cake a generous spread of peanut butter, and pipe with thick chocolate frosting. Finally garnish with a dash of granola and desiccated coconut.
6. Find a comfy spot on your sofa, make a brew, and attack.

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