Thursday, 11 October 2012

Picture Perfect

Hello all you Grubbly people,

Well, I think this might be the longest time I have spent away from you! Believe me when I say, you have never been out of my mind…

So, what's new pussy-cat? Actually, it's been a really crazy few weeks. Love My Grub has now seen the first of it's monthly articles published in Desi-Info. Check out issue two later this month! I have also been doing some holidaying…and researching in Mauritius, hence why I haven't been blogging as much as I normal.

So let me tell me about my trip! Should you find yourselves looking for a paradise holiday, then look no further than Shanti Maurice. My husband and I first visited the Nira Resort on our honeymoon, and I have been dying to go back ever since (mainly for their tikka paneer…maybe the greatest dish in the world…ever,  no exaggeration). This picture perfect spa resort boasts wonderful innovative cuisine and is ideal for honeymooners, families, spa lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. However, those who read my blog regularly know i'm not exactly the fitness fantastic, so when we checked in, I got out my fat pants, and settled in for 7 days of muchos munching. While my husband went for bike rides, and wind surfing, I soaked in the sun and glorious new food creations such as tamarind sorbets and thai fruit punches. 

The dining experience is one of the highlights at Shanti Maurice. 'Stars', the signature restaurant, serves Mauritian and South African-inspired cuisine under the night sky, whilst 'Pebbles' showcases diverse Mauritian and international all-day dining. We landed on sunday, and this was our first port of call. Shanti pride itself on offering an experience, so we sampled a different dining experience everyday. On Monday, we hit the the 'Fish and Rhum Shack' a rustic beachside barbecue, with authentic Mauritian entertainment and freshly grilled meat and prawns literally as big as your head. Mentally good. Later that week, we had the Tafel Brai- a fine dining grill, Thai buffet and on our last day fireworks on the beach (now this was really for the owner, who happened to be visiting the resort for his birthday, but we liked to think it was just for us!) Suffice to say, we have come back a chins heavier and 2 tyres wider. Hardly a great time to put my first ever video post up, however, when I learnt that they had an on site Vegetable and Herb Garden, I could not resist! So with many thanks to Shanti Maurice for permitting me to film all of their glorious yum yums…

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