Monday, 23 July 2012

Oh, Soup's you Sir!

OK, so day 4 of Ramadan- as sod's law would have it, the weather has picked up and the sun is in full beam. Bright and sunny, but also this means sticky tubes and sweaty journey's home- lovely.

So, by the time it comes to break your fast, water and replenishment of the day's nutrients is essential. A big tip I'd give anyone who is fasting, is to pace the amount that is eaten for Iftar (evening meal to break the fast). And the best way of doing that is by having a light starter before your main meal. Tempting as it might be to delve into a tasty fried treat, the truth is, after a long day of being without any food or drink, your body needs to be eased into eating again. This poached egg and chicken broth is perfect for this. I've snuck in a few vegs for my meat loving hubbie, and as a result, I know there is a good balance of flavour and sustenance.

Poached egg and chicken broth 
Ingredients (Serves 4)

1. 1 chicken breast
2. 1 inch ginger
3. 1 table spoon sesame oil
4. 1 table spoon fish sauce
5. 1 table spoon oyster sauce
6. 2 table spoons soya sauce
7. 1.5litres water
8. 1 finely chopped carrot
9. Handful of sweetcorn
10. 4 eggs
11. 1 spring onion


1. Simply add ingredients 1-7 in a deep pan and leave to boil for 20mins
2. Once the stock has thickened slightly, add the carrots and sweetcorn and boil for a further 10mins
3. Add salt and pepper
4. Now, crack the eggs in the pan. Bring to boil for 6 mins (If you do not feel confident about poaching the egg in the broth, then you can do this step separately and add the eggs later) 
5. Garnish with spring onions and serve

Serve hot and, I rarely say this, take your time and eat! Remember, this may be a main event recipe, but is still a first course serve- so pace yourself!

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